STAYC’s Yoon Chosen as Global Cosmetics Model…” Anticipating High-end & Trendy Brand Synergy

2024 01 08

The group STAYC is making waves as the fresh face of a global cosmetics brand.

On the 8th, their agency, High Up Entertainment, announced, “STAYC’s Yoon has been selected as the model for the global cosmetics brand L’Oréal Paris – LANCÔME Parisian Chic.”

Alongside the news of her muse status, the revealed advertisement visuals showcase Yoon exuding the brand’s concept with a luxurious yet trendy sensibility, garnering attention. From ash purple to pink-brown hair colors and a variety of styled concepts, she flawlessly embraces and presents a palette of charm that freely transcends chic and lovely aesthetics.

In particular, her striking visuals both on and off stage, showcasing diverse charm and an unmistakable aura, are expected to further magnify the brand’s allure.

With her unique TEENFRESH color and confident energy that aligns with the tastes of every generation, there’s intense anticipation for Yoon’s activities as the new face of the brand.

Meanwhile, STAYC, with Yoon, recently wrapped up their successful first world tour ‘TEENFRESH’ with shows in Seoul and North America, continuing their tour in Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Warsaw.

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