STAYC, Winner of the Digital Song Division Award at ‘Golden Disc Awards,’ “Will continue to make us proud”

2024 01 08

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) attended the ’38th Golden Disc Awards with MANDIRI’ held at the Jakarta International Stadium in Indonesia on the 6th.

Having previously achieved double crowns, including the Rookie Award and the Digital Song Division Award at the 36th Golden Disc Awards, STAYC once again proved their influence and presence by winning the Digital Song Division Award at this year’s ceremony.

Sieun, who received the Digital Song Division Trophy for ‘Teddy Bear,’ said, “It’s a prideful award that makes me feel like a singer and proud. I’m so thankful and love our fans, SWITH (fan club name). I will continue to make you feel proud of STAYC. I hope you have high expectations. I will keep this award in mind when creating our new album.” Sumin added, “We will strive to be STAYC that delivers good music.”

STAYC has been sweeping music award trophies right from the beginning of this year. Just on the 2nd, they received a grand prize at the 33rd Seoul Music Awards.

Alongside the awards, they presented a special stage. On the day’s special stage, ‘STAYC Land,’ STAYC first presented a medley of hit songs from beloved K-pop girl groups, setting the mood. Sumin and Yoon brought a bright atmosphere with TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up,’ while Seeun and J delivered energetic vibes with Girls’ Generation’s ‘Cheer Up!’. Sieun and Isa heightened the atmosphere with Red Velvet’s ‘Power Up.’

Following that, STAYC performed ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘Bubble.’ STAYC’s unique TEENFRESH energy and positive, lively atmosphere colored Jakarta. Particularly, STAYC induced strong addictive appeal with the point choreography of ‘Teddy Bear’s’ ‘Teddy Bear Dance’ and ‘Bubble’s’ choreography resembling bursting soap bubbles.

Meanwhile, STAYC is set to continue their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH’ in various regions across Asia including Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe.

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