STAYC Wins Main Award at ‘Seoul Music Awards’… Expresses, ‘May Your Body and Mind Stay Healthy with Our Songs’

2024 01 03

The group STAYC showcased their ‘TEENFRESH’ charm.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) attended the 33rd ‘Seoul Music Awards’ held at Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on the 2nd.

On this day, STAYC received the main award and expressed, “As you’ve given us a precious award for the new year, we won’t settle and will put our sincere efforts into music this year as well. We hope everyone stays healthy both physically and mentally with our music this year,” conveying their feelings by saying, “We love and cherish you. Let’s create many happy memories this year.”

Following the win, member Sieun added warmth by greeting global fans with her fluent English skills.

After receiving the award, STAYC performed the title track ‘Teddy Bear’ and the included track ‘Poppy’ from their fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear.’ The refreshing and lively ‘TEENFRESH’ charm of STAYC shone through.

‘Teddy Bear’ supports the innocence of us who are living this lifetime for the first time, delivering energetic comfort with witty lyrics. ‘Poppy’ is a song that combines an addictive chorus with STAYC’s lovely mood.

Especially, through ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘Poppy,’ STAYC created an addictive dance challenge that received great love from the MZ generation. STAYC’s positive energy captured the hearts of fans, leading to global popularity.

STAYC released their fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear’ and their third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH’ last year, engaging in active promotions. Additionally, they received a warm response with the release of their third Japanese single album ‘LIT’ in November last year and ‘Bubble (Japanese Version)’ in December last year.

Furthermore, having successfully concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH’ in Seoul and the North American tour last year, STAYC is planning to continue the tour in Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other places.

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