‘Summer Nostalgia’ 415, Proved ‘Male Davichi’ Cover video to The music show… Successful First week of Comeback

2021 07 15

Male vocal duo 415 successfully finished their first week of comeback. 

415 (Jang In-tae, Cho Hyun-seung) released their new digital single ‘Summer Nostalgia’ on the 9th. On the 9th starting with KBS2 ‘Music Bank’, on the 10th, MBC ‘Music Core’ and on the 11th, SBS ‘Inki gayo’ on the 11th, they performed comeback show. In addition, they communicated with fans with various contents.

‘Summer Nostalgia’ is a new song released in a year by 415, written and composed by Black Eyed Pilseung (Choi Kyu-sung, Rado), the representative producer of High Up Entertainment. It is a summer song that combines a refreshing, lyrical medium-tempo band sound that reminds you of the sea on a midsummer night and a appealing voice of 415.

415 presented a great performance on a music show with stable vocals and emotional lyrics that captivate many viewers. ‘Summer Nostalgia’ fascinated listeners with its unique band sound among summer dance songs, making them look forward to the next performance of 415.

Also, on the 8th, a day before their comeback, 415 posted a cover video of a medley of female duo Davichi. And they earned the nickname ‘Male version of Davichi’, because of their emotional vocal and sensibility. They appeared on Naver NOW’s audio show ‘Jukjae’s Night Workroom’ and communicated with fans with great live show.

On the 13th, the behind-the-scenes recording of ‘Summer Nostalgia’ was released on the official YouTube channel. 415 was seen working passionately in the recording booth.

  “This song has many expressions that remind you the good feeling of summer. In the lyrics, you can hear some of summer words such as the blue sea, waves, and long summer night. I hope you have a cool summer listening to ‘Summer Nostalgia’.” they said.

Vocal duo 415 (Cho Hyun-seung and Jang In-tae) officially debuted in 2019 with their single ‘Remember’ and has shown a wide range of musical capabilities in various genres such as Ballad, R&B and Urban.

 In particular, they appeared as the 32nd singer on JTBC’s music program ‘Sing Again’ which ended in February, and showed their excellent vocals and skills, and made a strong impression on viewers by advancing to the 4th round.

 Meanwhile, 415 who successfully finished their first week of comeback with ‘Summer Nostalgia’ will continue to meet with fans with various music shows and contents.

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