STAYC, New muse of contact lens brand. “Confident image fits with the brand.”

2021 08 05

STAYC, New muse of contact lens brand.

On the 5th, High Up Entertainment said, “SYATC has been selected as an exclusive advertising model for contact lens band Lensme.”

In the recent advertisement image released by Lensme, STAYC was naturally fit into the brand concept, creating a variety of clean and refreshing moods as well as chic and confident moods.

“The confident image of the brand, which is the identity of the brand, fits well with STAYC and they were selected as an exclusive model. They are representative for the brand Lensme. STAYC’s six different charms will bring various images of the lens. Please watch STAYC, a group that has a young and teen-fresh charm, create a good synergy effect with the brand, Lesme.” the brands official of Lesme said.

Meanwhile, STAYC has successfully finished promotion of its second single ‘STAYDOM’ title song ‘ASAP’ and has been actively communicating with fans with various contents such as ‘STAYC-gnal’.

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