STAYC’s Attention-Grabbing Visuals Also Highlighted by Singapore Magazine… Modern and Chic Contrasts Bring Attention to ‘TEENFRESH’

2024 04 01

The group STAYC showcased a combination of modern and glamorous visuals.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) recently revealed a fashion magazine spread and interview with Elle Singapore following their debut world tour and Asia tour ‘TEENFRESH’ performance in Singapore.

In the spread, STAYC exuded a modern atmosphere with a feminine mood and monochromatic styling. Their chic sensibility, different from the charm they’ve shown through ‘TEENFRESH,’ surprised fans worldwide, known as Swits (official fandom name), with its contrasting vibe.

Their restrained expressions and professional expressions elevated the sophistication of the spread, capturing attention. Unit combinations in the spread also provided enjoyment with their rich visual chemistry.

Having recently concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH,’ STAYC is receiving widespread attention not only in Asia but also in North America and Europe. Particularly, their performances in Hong Kong and Taiwan during the Asia tour sold out, proving their significant local influence, as highlighted by Elle magazine in Singapore.

During the interview conducted alongside the photoshoot, STAYC expressed their aspirations, stating, “We will break limits and become artists who continue to grow.” They also raised curiosity about their future endeavors by saying, “We want to challenge ourselves continuously. We plan to create albums filled with STAYC’s fresh music.”

Through the spread filled with unexpected energy and the sincere interview in overseas magazines, STAYC injected a refreshing vitality into viewers, building anticipation for their global endeavors.

Meanwhile, after completing their approximately six-month debut world tour journey, STAYC has begun preparations for their new album release.

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