STAYC Selected as the Face of Dessert Brand! Announcing the Next-Generation Taste with a Self-Sung CM Song

2024 01 19

On the 19th, their agency, High Up Entertainment, announced, “STAYC has been chosen as the advertising model for the unique dessert brand ‘Dalkom WangGa Tanghulu.'”

Alongside the news of their selection, STAYC garnered attention with their sweet visuals in the revealed advertisements. The six members expressed the sweet taste of Tanghulu with various facial expressions, bringing a delightful energy to the viewers.

The CM song sung by STAYC added an even more lively and fresh atmosphere. Their lively tones blended with the bouncy melody, creating a music video-like visual experience.

STAYC, known for their diverse charms on and off the stage, is expected to maximize the sweet charm pursued by the brand. Anticipation is rising for their lively and confident energy, aiming to target the taste preferences of the next generation.

With STAYC showcasing their vibrant and confident energy, all eyes are now on their active role as the new face of the brand. The group recently successfully concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH,’ including performances in Seoul and tours in North America and Taiwan, and continues the tour in Hong Kong, Singapore, Warsaw, and more.

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