STAYC YoonXJ “I want to comfort you with a song… I want to give you the courage to do it even though I’m young.”

2021 03 25

A magazine photo shoot showing the new charms of Yoon and J, members of STAYC, has been released.

Fashion magazine “ELLE Korea” recently published a phot shoot and interview of the environmental special “Mid Day’s Dream? FANTASY of April,” in which Yoon and J participated.

In the released magazine photo, Yoon and J caught the eye with a different look from the bright and colorful stage. Yoon wore a light green color jacket and striped top, J wore a subtle ivory color checked top. They also perfectly managed the simple and modern style of fashion.In particular, the innocent and beautiful appearance of the two members, who are as bright as spring weather, made the picture shine even more.

Yoon and J talked about various topics, including their debut and album activities, and their honest thoughts on environmental issues, in an interview after the photo shoot. In particular, there was a question asking when STAYC, who gathered under the keyword “Healthy,” which emphasizes a healthy body and mind, felt healthy on their own. Yoon replied, “It’s time to take good care of my mind even when I’m under stress.” J said, “I tend to take good care of my mind. Recently, I received a book called “To You Who Are Worrying Because You Have A Lot of Worry” as a birthday present from Seeun, and I am learning how to deal with my tired mind while reading it.”

There were also questions about what idols would like to be like or inspire, such as the team’s name, which means to spread good influence to the younger generation. Yoon said, “I want to be a singer who comforts and touches people through songs.” and J said, “I want to give you courage to do what you want to do even if you are young just like me.”

More photos and interviews of Yoon and J will be available in the April issue of ‘ELLE Korea.’

Meanwhile, STAYC will release their second single “STAYDOM” on various music websites at 6 p.m. on April 8 and begin their activities in 2021.

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