‘Comeback on the 6th’ STAY, release the choreography preview for the title song ‘STEREOTYPE’… Expectations are rising for the second ‘Cat kneading Dance’.

2021 09 02

STAYC released preview video of the choreography for the title song before their comeback.

The released video showed STAYC performing refreshing performances to the lively chorus music of ‘STEREOTYPE’. The members, who exuded the bright-colored check pattern of school look and high-teen charm, drew attention by presenting a point choreography that showed their unique pleasant energy and fresh cheerfulness.

STAYC showed a noticeable performance that moves like one body to the addictive melody part of ‘STEREOTYPE’. In addition, TEENFRESH, which has become more powerful and more beautiful, has made it impossible to take eyes of fans off.

Attention is focusing on whether STAYC, which caused a hot response with the point choreography ‘Cat kneading Dance’ during the second single title song ‘ASAP’, will once again be able to capture fans’ hearts with their fresh and unique point choreography in ‘STEREOTYPE’.

The mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’, which will be released for the first time since their debut by STAYC, a ‘4th generation representative group’ with both good skills and beautiful visuals, is a new album released about five months after their second single ‘STAYDOM’ released in April.

‘STEREOTYPE’ is a song of STAYC’s own unique ‘TEENFRESH’ genre, produced by Black Eyed Pil-seung and Jeon Gun, the representative producer of High-Up Entertainment. In particular, this song is becoming more of a hot topic in that it is STAYC’s first song made at the time when the formation of STAYC members is completed. High attention is already being paid to STAYC’s hidden track, which will be unveiled for the first time in about two years.

STAYC’s first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’ will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on September 6th. In addition, pre-orders for physical albums are underway on all online record sites.

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