‘Comeback D-3’ STAYC, 1st mini album, ‘STEREOTYPE’, 3 points to look forward to. #STEREOTYPE #TeenFresh #PointChoreography

2021 09 03

STAYC will make a comeback with various weapons that will capture the hearts of fans.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) will release their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’ on various online music websites at 6 p.m. on the 6th.

‘STEREOTYPE’ is a new album released about five months after their second single ‘STAYDOM’ released in April. It is also highly anticipated that STAYC will release their first mini album since their debut.

It summarizes the expected points of STAYC’s first mini album ‘STEREOTYPE’, which has grown brilliantly 10 months after their debut and has established themselves as a ‘4th generation representative girl group’.

# Hidden track ‘STEREOTYPE’ that will be released after 2 years.

The title song ‘STEREOTYPE’ is a song produced by Black Eyed Pil-seung and Jeon Gun, CEO and representative of Hi-Up Entertainment, who collaborated on their debut song ‘SO BAD’ and the second single title song ‘ASAP’.

The song, which was created at the organizing of the formation of STAYC members, depicts STAYC’s unique high-teen and elegance, and contains the message, ‘Let’s not be prejudiced and look at it as it is.’

‘STEREOTYPE’ was the first song since the members of STAYC were confirmed, but it has been hidden like a ‘hidden card’ and will be released to the public as the title track of the first mini album about two years after the song was completed. In response, Black Eyed Pilseung said, “As soon as STAYC just debuted, I thought it would not be convincing to show the social message contained in ‘STEREOTYPE’. I thought it was the right time to express the message, so I released it through this album.”

#STAYC’s own genre, ‘Teen Fresh’

STAYC plans to show a more powerful ‘Teen Fresh’ with their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’.

STAYC’s special signature ‘Teen Fresh’, which combines ‘Teenager’ and ‘Fresh’, has established itself as STAYC’s unique genre since their debut, expressing the team’s identity, ‘Healthy’, more directly and adding rookie freshness.

The title song ,’STEREOTYPE’ is a ‘Teen Fresh’ genre that only STAYC can show, and has both refreshing high-teen and luxurious elegant charm. Expectations are rising on how STAYC, which is set to make a comeback with an unrivaled ‘Teen Fresh’ genre song, will capture the hearts of many fans.

# The birth of the 2nd ‘cat kneading’? Expectations for the point dance

STAYC made headlines for its point choreography ‘Cat Kneading Dance’, which alternates right and left hands during the second single title song ‘ASAP’ performance. In the title song ‘STEREOTYPE’ of the first mini album, a new point choreographer following ‘Cat Kneading Dance’ will also capture the hearts of fans.

STAYC unveiled the performance of the chorus and new point choreography for the first time in the choreography preview clip of ‘STEREOTYPE’ posted on their official YouTube channel on the 2nd. The cute movements as if wearing glasses with hands, as well as the unique choreography, are highly addictive, raising questions about the entire performance.

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