The group STAYC has proven its global popularity with special performances.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) appeared on JTBC’s ‘Golden Wave 2024 Taiwan’ and KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank in Belgium,’ which aired on the 4th.

First, on ‘Golden Wave 2024 Taiwan,’ STAYC took the stage in a rockstar styling selected by fans, showcasing special poses for local fans in Taiwan. Funky makeup and styling that highlighted each member’s individuality made Rockstar STAYC shine even brighter.

Following that, STAYC performed the title track ‘RUN2U’ from their second mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ and the title track ‘Bubble’ from their third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH,’ unleashing lively choreography and refreshing performances that induced strong addictiveness.

Next, STAYC met with local fans in Belgium at ‘Music Bank in Belgium,’ themed around ‘Sweet Night.’ STAYC received a warm welcome from local fans with a cover stage of TWICE’s ‘CHEER UP.’ STAYC delivered a fresh reinterpretation of the ‘shashasha’ point choreography with their own TEENFRESH charm, further heating up the atmosphere on the scene.

STAYC also presented the title tracks ‘So Bad’ from their first single album and ‘Teddy Bear’ from their fourth single album. Starting with a unique intro, ‘So Bad’ was followed by ‘Teddy Bear,’ igniting a passionate sing-along from local fans during the powerful killing parts. Fans following along with the point choreography could easily feel STAYC’s global popularity.

The group STAYC stepped onto the field of Jamsil Derby.

STAYC members Seeun and ISA conducted the first pitch and ceremonial swing on the 4th at Seoul’s Jamsil Baseball Stadium during the Children’s Day series second game between the Doosan Bears and LG Twins of the 2024 KBO League.

Having been invited by the LG Twins in 2022 to wish for victory with the first pitch and ceremonial swing, STAYC revisited Jamsil Baseball Stadium after two years, opening the prelude to the Jamsil Derby, a rivalry match representing the KBO. The six members entered the field together in front of a ten thousand audience and responded to the enthusiastic cheers with waves.

STAYC expressed, “We’re delighted to have this opportunity to throw the first pitch and ceremonial swing for the Children’s Day series. We hope the players will achieve good results without any injuries. We will always support you,” delivering a cheering message for the home team’s victory with a spirited voice, igniting the heat of the baseball stadium even more.

Seeun and ISA’s first pitch and ceremonial swing event followed. Seeun, on the mound, presented a confident first pitch with an elegant windup, while ISA, at bat, brightened up the field with an adorable swing.

After the 5th inning, during the cleaning time, STAYC’s special performance will unfold. The members will adorn the home team cheering stage and ignite the fervent cheering atmosphere even more with a performance of the title track ‘Bubble’ from their third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH.’

Meanwhile, having concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH,’ STAYC is receiving hot attention not only in Asia but also in North America and Europe. Having confirmed their global status and presence with the enthusiastic response of local fans throughout the performances, STAYC is currently dedicated to preparing for a new album.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) attended the inaugural ‘Asia Star Entertainer Awards 2024’ (ASEA 2024) held at K-Arena in Yokohama, Japan on the 10th.

On this day, STAYC was honored as the protagonist of the Best Star Award (ASEA THE BEST STAR). Amidst cheers from fans, STAYC, upon receiving the award, expressed, “I’m thrilled from just the name of the Best Star Award. It’s such an honor to attend, and I’m grateful for receiving such a prestigious award.”

They continued, “As explained earlier, we think we can be complete because our fans are always with us. Please continue to love STAYC’s many albums in the future. We love and appreciate our fandom, SWITH, so much.”

On the subsequent stage, STAYC captivated fans’ attention with a different charm from before, from the intro to the main stage. Especially during the intro, Sieun showcased her solid live skills by singing the chorus of ‘Teddy Bear’ without accompaniment, overwhelming the audience.

STAYC then heated up the stage with consecutive performances of ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘Bubble,’ transforming into spring fairies in apricot-colored costumes and filling the stage with perfect performances and their blossoming visuals. STAYC’s unique positive energy excited the hearts of global fans.

Meanwhile, STAYC recently gained attention beyond Asia with their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH,’ successfully completing it in North America and Europe. Feeling the global stature and local popularity amidst the passionate response of fans throughout the performances, STAYC plans to continue meeting fans through various activities in the future.

The group STAYC’s Yoon and J showcased a distinctive concept through their photoshoot.

STAYC members Yoon and J recently revealed a photoshoot and interview with Elle magazine, conducted in Paris, France. In the revealed photoshoot, Yoon and J presented a unique mood with diverse outfits including denim styling. Particularly, they captured the attention of global fans with natural poses, chic expressions, and lovely gazes, showcasing various charms different from their stage presence.

In the interview accompanying the photoshoot, Yoon expressed exceptional passion, stating, “I had the most earnest dream of a concert tour. I wondered if it would feel like traveling, but in reality, every day was a mix of worry and anticipation. Despite achieving many dreams such as winning music show awards and receiving awards at ceremonies, it seems like dreams only get bigger.”

J expressed her desire for growth through tours, saying, “When I was young, I imagined fancy hairstyles and airport fashion, but now my desire for tours to enhance teamwork and skills is greater. What I want most now is to perform on stages in more cities.”

Yoon and J approached the interview with sincerity, expressing their sense of responsibility and gratitude towards fans for the energy they feel on stage. Lastly, they expressed their determination, saying, “Please look forward to STAYC’s transformation. We hope the new image we are preparing will resonate well with viewers. We would love

Having recently concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH’, STAYC has been garnering significant attention not only in Asia but also in North America and Europe. Having received enthusiastic responses from local fans throughout the performances, STAYC has confirmed its global presence and status. Currently, STAYC is fully devoted to preparing for their new album.

Meanwhile, more photoshoots and interviews with STAYC’s Se-eun, Yoon, and J can be found in the April issue of Elle and on the Elle website.

The group STAYC showcased a combination of modern and glamorous visuals.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) recently revealed a fashion magazine spread and interview with Elle Singapore following their debut world tour and Asia tour ‘TEENFRESH’ performance in Singapore.

In the spread, STAYC exuded a modern atmosphere with a feminine mood and monochromatic styling. Their chic sensibility, different from the charm they’ve shown through ‘TEENFRESH,’ surprised fans worldwide, known as Swits (official fandom name), with its contrasting vibe.

Their restrained expressions and professional expressions elevated the sophistication of the spread, capturing attention. Unit combinations in the spread also provided enjoyment with their rich visual chemistry.

Having recently concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH,’ STAYC is receiving widespread attention not only in Asia but also in North America and Europe. Particularly, their performances in Hong Kong and Taiwan during the Asia tour sold out, proving their significant local influence, as highlighted by Elle magazine in Singapore.

During the interview conducted alongside the photoshoot, STAYC expressed their aspirations, stating, “We will break limits and become artists who continue to grow.” They also raised curiosity about their future endeavors by saying, “We want to challenge ourselves continuously. We plan to create albums filled with STAYC’s fresh music.”

Through the spread filled with unexpected energy and the sincere interview in overseas magazines, STAYC injected a refreshing vitality into viewers, building anticipation for their global endeavors.

Meanwhile, after completing their approximately six-month debut world tour journey, STAYC has begun preparations for their new album release.

On the 19th, their agency, High Up Entertainment, announced, “STAYC has been chosen as the advertising model for the unique dessert brand ‘Dalkom WangGa Tanghulu.'”

Alongside the news of their selection, STAYC garnered attention with their sweet visuals in the revealed advertisements. The six members expressed the sweet taste of Tanghulu with various facial expressions, bringing a delightful energy to the viewers.

The CM song sung by STAYC added an even more lively and fresh atmosphere. Their lively tones blended with the bouncy melody, creating a music video-like visual experience.

STAYC, known for their diverse charms on and off the stage, is expected to maximize the sweet charm pursued by the brand. Anticipation is rising for their lively and confident energy, aiming to target the taste preferences of the next generation.

With STAYC showcasing their vibrant and confident energy, all eyes are now on their active role as the new face of the brand. The group recently successfully concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH,’ including performances in Seoul and tours in North America and Taiwan, and continues the tour in Hong Kong, Singapore, Warsaw, and more.

STAYC, a group consisting of Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J, has recently released individual teaser images for their 2024 photo book, ‘London STAY,’ garnering enthusiastic reactions from global fans.

‘London STAY’ is a photo book featuring pictures taken by STAYC in London, showcasing the group’s refreshing charm, diverse concepts, and unprecedented images. The group previously stirred up attention with the release of group teaser images on the 8th.

Through their individual teaser images, STAYC presents a captivating transformation in their charm. The classic and lovely concept capturing the atmosphere of London, as well as the relaxed and everyday concept offering a glimpse into STAYC’s mornings, have captured attention. STAYC has elevated expectations for the photo book with photogenic poses and a variety of facial expressions.

STAYC has been receiving warm love from global fans for their ‘TEENFRESH’ concept and energetic performances. They’ve solidified their strong presence by winning various awards earlier this year, including the Grand Prize at the ’33rd Seoul Music Awards,’ the Digital Song Award at the ’38th Golden Disc Awards,’ and being selected as the ‘New Icon of the Year’ at the ‘Circle Chart Music Awards 2023.’

Following the successful Seoul concert and North American tour of their first world tour, ‘TEENFRESH,’ STAYC is set to continue performances in various regions across Asia, including Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe.

The pre-sale for STAYC’s 2024 photo book ‘London STAY’ will be available online at Fromm Store until the 19th.

The group STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) reaffirmed their global popularity by being selected as the ‘New Icon of the Year’ at the ‘Circle Chart Music Awards 2023’ held at BEXCO in Busan on the 10th.

Firstly, ISA expressed her gratitude, saying, “I’m happy to receive the ‘New Icon of the Year’ award in my hometown, Busan, and to perform on stage. I’m also thankful for member Sieun’s active role as an MC.” She continued, “STAYC has been raised beautifully and properly, so I want to thank each member’s parents, and above all, I’m most grateful to the SWITH (fan club).” Sieun also shared the honor of the award, expressing her joy and thanking the global fans eloquently in English.

Following the award ceremony, STAYC enriched the event with performances of the third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH’ tracks ‘Not Like You’ and the title track ‘Bubble.’

On stage with ‘Not Like You,’ the six members delivered a trendy sound with intense 808 bass and Afro rhythms, creating a bold mood transition from black and white to color while conveying a confident message. The performance of ‘Bubble’ continued to infuse festival vibes with powerful TEENFRESH energy, providing an enjoyable experience for the audience.

On this day, member Sieun took on the role of MC, coordinating well with SUPER JUNIOR’s Leeteuk and ZEROBASEONE’s Matthew. Sieun, with a visual resembling a princess, attracted attention not only for her appearance but also for her flawless English conversational skills, connecting with global K-pop fans and showcasing her shining presence.

Prior to this, STAYC won the main prize at the ’33rd Seoul Music Awards’ and the Digital Song Award at the ’38th Golden Disc Awards.’ Selected as the ‘New Icon of the Year’ at the ‘Circle Chart Music Awards 2023,’ STAYC started the new year with a joyful beginning, having achieved all the honors at the music award ceremonies in 2024.

Meanwhile, STAYC is scheduled to continue their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH’ in various regions across Asia, including Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Warsaw, in Europe.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) commenced pre-orders for the 2024 photobook ‘London STAY’ starting from 3 PM on the 8th.

‘London STAY’ comprises photos captured by STAYC in London. Expected to evoke delightful excitement among fans, the photobook encapsulates STAYC’s energetic and fresh charm, along with diverse concepts and unique appearances unseen before.

The teaser images unveiled on the 7th feature STAYC against the backdrop of London, showcasing their radiant visuals. Clad in outfits predominantly black and red, STAYC emits a modern yet lovely mood, increasing anticipation for the varied stylings to be revealed in the photobook.

STAYC has garnered fervent love from global fans with their unique concept of ‘TEENFRESH’ and uplifting energy. Recently, they claimed the grand prize at the ‘Seoul Music Awards’ and the Digital Song Division Award at the ‘Golden Disc Awards,’ solidifying their fandom and public appeal, proving once again their formidable presence as a captivating girl group.

Having successfully concluded their first world tour ‘TEENFRESH’ with Seoul and North American shows, STAYC is scheduled to continue their busy schedule in early 2024 with performances in Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, various Asian regions, and Europe.

The pre-orders for STAYC’s 2024 photobook ‘London STAY’ will be available from today (8th) until the 19th online at the retailer ‘Fromm Store’.

The group STAYC is making waves as the fresh face of a global cosmetics brand.

On the 8th, their agency, High Up Entertainment, announced, “STAYC’s Yoon has been selected as the model for the global cosmetics brand L’Oréal Paris – LANCÔME Parisian Chic.”

Alongside the news of her muse status, the revealed advertisement visuals showcase Yoon exuding the brand’s concept with a luxurious yet trendy sensibility, garnering attention. From ash purple to pink-brown hair colors and a variety of styled concepts, she flawlessly embraces and presents a palette of charm that freely transcends chic and lovely aesthetics.

In particular, her striking visuals both on and off stage, showcasing diverse charm and an unmistakable aura, are expected to further magnify the brand’s allure.

With her unique TEENFRESH color and confident energy that aligns with the tastes of every generation, there’s intense anticipation for Yoon’s activities as the new face of the brand.

Meanwhile, STAYC, with Yoon, recently wrapped up their successful first world tour ‘TEENFRESH’ with shows in Seoul and North America, continuing their tour in Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Warsaw.