STAYC, ‘Teddy Bear’ ranked 2nd on the Melon Chart TOP100 → ‘Career high-ing’ ranked 1st on the real-time chart

2023 03 13

Hot reactions to the group STAYC are continuing.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) is showing the potential of a strong music source with the title song ‘Teddy Bear’ from their fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear’ released on the 14th.

In particular, ‘Teddy Bear’ has been writing meaningful achievements since STAYC’s debut, ranking 2nd in the TOP100, including 1st place on Melon real-time chart, a representative music site in Korea. ‘Teddy Bear’ was ranked at the top of other major music charts, proving a solid rise. 

In addition, STAYC achieved 2nd place with ‘Teddy Bear’ after NewJeans’ ‘Ditto,’ which has long held the top spot, and by bears and rabbits dominating the music charts, proved the public’s keen interest in STAYC.

‘Teddy Bear’ is a pop punk genre song armed with STAYC’s own fresh energy, and contains a message of hope and comfort like a reliable teddy bear, which has become people’s own hero. Not only STAYC’s kitsch and lovely charm, but also the addictive point choreography ‘bear dance’ continues to be a hot topic.

In addition, STAYC has achieved career high with its highest sales of more than 341,047 albums, achieved 10 million views in a day after its release, and has shown global influence through various indicators, with more than 40 million views in fans’ steady love.

Meanwhile, STAYC will release their second single album ‘Teddy Bear’ in Japan on April 5th and hold a comeback showcase <STAYC Japan 2nd Showcase 2023 ‘Teddy Bear’>.

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