STAYC, successful showcase to celebrate the comeback of their 2nd Japanese single album ‘Teddy Bear’… Demonstrating ‘global presence’ amid enthusiastic cheers

2023 04 11

The group STAYC successfully finished their showcase in Japan.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) held the comeback showcase <STAYC Japan 2nd Showcase 2023 ‘Teddy Bear’> in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, on the 8th and 10th April.

First of all, STAYC presented the opening stages with ‘POPPY’ and ‘Stereotype,’ and then greeted fans for the first time. They then played a series of wonderful performances such as ‘ASAP,’ ‘RUN2U,’ ‘So What,’ and so on. They got many enthusiastic responses from fans.  

In particular, STAYC performed ‘Teddy Bear,’ which is the title song of their second Japanese single album that released on the 5th in Japan, and caused local fans to sing along with their fresh energy and witty lyrics.

In addition, STAYC had an unforgettable and precious time with fans by hosting sections where members introduce the members’ charms along with their recent talk, or by holding various competitions such as mini-game challenges, balloon bombing games, and etc.

STAYC finished the comeback showcase by performing ‘Teddy Bear’ once again as their encore song. STAYC said, “we were really touched by the fans who cheered us today. Thank you for making happy memories today. Please look forward to STAYC’s more promotions and activities in Japan as well. We love you,” expressing their feelings for the showcase. 

Meanwhile, STAYC continues to be popular locally with their second Japanese single album ‘Teddy Bear,’ and will hold a fan meeting in July and communicate closely with fans.

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