Time magazine selected STYAC’s ‘ASAP’ as ‘Best K-POP Song’. Six vocal colors created genre.

2021 12 11

STAYC showed their global presence with ‘ASAP’.

STAYC’s second single ‘STAYDOM’ was named ‘Best K-POP Song’ in the ‘The Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2021’ released on the Time magazine’s official website on the 8th (local time).

Time magazine evaluated STAYC’s ‘ASAP’ is laid-back tunes over a slow rhythm song, but it was never lacking. In particular, “With a catchy hook sound and pulsating rhythm complete STAYC’s own breezy and bouncy track. And just listening to it boosts the excitement.”, they praised.

In addition “From J’s dark voice opening the intro to Sieun’s soft high-pitched voice completing the chorus, the members’ distinct vocal colors also created STAYC’s own genre.”, they raved review.

STAYC’s ‘ASAP’, which was named in Time magazine’s ‘Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2021’, is a refreshing sound song that wittily expresses the desire that the ideal type perfectly drawn in the heart will appear as soon as possible(ASAP). Since its release in April, it has been ranked on major music sites and has been steadily loved.

Meanwhile, STAYC completed their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’ promotion and once again imprinted the presence of the fourth-generation representative group by winning ‘1theK Original Contents’ at the recent 2021 MMA and ‘AAA New Wave’ at the 2021 AAA.