STAYC’s ‘ASAP’ Billboard K-pop 100 Continuous Chart Ranked…Upturn to the Korean charts

2021 04 24

STAYC has once again been named ‘Billboard K-pop 100’.

According to Billboard Korea’s weekly chart of ‘Billboard K-pop 100’ released on its official website recently, the title track ‘ASAP’ of STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, J)’s second single album ‘STAYDOM’ entered the chart at No. 70.

‘Billboard K-pop 100’ is the representative K-pop chart of Billboard, the world’s most prestigious music media, and represents Korea’s top 100 most popular songs by combining music download, streaming, radio and TV data.

This is the second time STAYC has entered the Billboard K-pop 100 chart, and at first time they entered 90th through their debut song ‘SO BAD’ released in November last year. STAYC has already shown their powerful potential to enter the ‘Billboard K-pop 100’ two songs, even though they have only been five months since their debut.

The title song ‘ASAP’ is a song that expresses the cute heart that the girl wants her perfect ideal type to appear ‘ASAP(as soon as possible)’ with a popping, witty melody and lyrics. The point choreography ‘Cat Kneading Dance’ which makes viewers imitate themselves, and the catchy addictive melody captivated K-POP fans in Korea and abroad.

As soon as it was released, ‘ASAP’ entered the top of Korea’s major music real-time charts and continues its long-run on the chart with a steady rise. In addition, STAYC’s second single album, ‘STAYDOM’, easily broke the initial sales record in just one day, and proved a remarkable growth by achieving a total of 35,518 copies in the first week sales record. The music video has also received more than 20 million views in just 9 days since its release. STYAC will continue to have activities through appearances on music shows and various contents.

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