A unique combination of voices, STAYC!


STAYC has expressed their feelings of love in their previous albums. This time, hoping for the completion of love, 'Fear', 'Courage', and 'Hope' in the process of love are expressed in STAYC's third single album [WE NEED LOVE] in a 'Healthy' way with explosive emotions.

The group STAYC, which has the best 'live skills' and all the members are the main vocals, will overcome their limitations with this album and dominate the K POP scene once again.

STAYC, which made four hit songs in a row, including 'SO BAD', 'ASAP', 'STEREOTYPE' and 'RUN2U' won various awards such as 'The Seoul Music Awards', 'Golden Disc Awards' and 'Gaon Chart' in the first half of 2022.

In particular, the last album 'YOUNG-LUV.COM' surpassed 150,000 units in sales in the first week of its release, achieving their own best record.

In addition, the title track 'RUN2U' of 'YOUNG-LUV.COM' proved their global popularity by ranking at the top of album charts in 13 countries on Korean and overseas music streaming platforms such as 'Melon', 'Spotify', 'itunes', and 'YouTube Music'.

STAYC, which has set meaningful records in Korea and abroad, is expected to break the album's own record once again with their third single [WEN NEED LOVE].

‘We Need the Courage of Love’

STAYC has an unrivaled ability in 'Sing Live', the essence ability of the artist, and is the 'Top of Sing Live Idol' that emits overwhelming energy.

The most important thing to focus in the third single 'WE NEED LOVE' is that all members have shown musical growth beyond the limits of their voices.

In preparation for this album, STAYC has returned with six stronger and more unique voices. It is completely different from the existing STAYC's works, showing magnificent, strong, and energetic songs. The album consists of a total of four tracks, including the title track 'BEAUTIFUL MONSTER', 'LOVE', 'LIKE IT' and 'RUN2U (TAK Remix)'.

STAYC expresses 'fear', 'courage', and 'hope' about 'love' in dramatic emotions on the whole track of the album, and says the message 'We need love'. In particular, the title song 'BEAUTIFUL MONSTER' was sung with STAYC's own appealing voice for fear of love and explosive feelings of courage. It is good to focus on the voices of STAYC members who sing more delicate and deep emotional changes.

In addition, the choreography of the title track 'BEAUTIFUL MONSTER' drew attention as La Chica, the hottest choreography team these days. 'BEAUTIFUL' is characterized by expressing happiness and 'MONSTER' as fear, expressing fear of love behind happiness in a two-sides. One of the choreography, the signature move, in which STAYC's members express the BEAUTIFUL MONSTER, is expected to emerge as a hot topic once again.

This album was also made by Black Eyed Pilseung, the representative producer of High-Up Entertainment, who understands and produces STAYC the best, and hitmaker Jeon Gun and FLYT collaborated again for STAYC to make it the best quality.


1BEAUTIFUL MONSTERComposed by B.E.P, Jeon goon, FLYT | Lyrics by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by Rado, FLYT3:00
2I LIKE ITComposed by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Lyrics by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by Rado2:38
3LOVEComposed by B.E.P, FLYT | Lyrics by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by FLYT3:06
4RUN2U(TAK Remix)Composed by B.E.P, Jeon goon, FLYT | Lyrics by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by TAK (NEWTYPE)3:31