"In a world that only wants circles and right answers, pop the nagging like a bubble"
Everything about STAYC's genre 'TEENFRESH'
The fizzy, popping orange-flavored positive energy title track 'Bubble'!

STAYC's 3rd mini album [TEENFRESH] encapsulates all of STAYC's distinctive fresh energy and unique bright and quirky colors. Since their debut, STAYC has continuously been loved by the public for pioneering the 'TEENFRESH' genre, expanding their global fandom. Especially, the February 2023 release 'Teddy Bear' proved STAYC's all-around success with its bright and vibrant melody and addictive choreography, achieving high positions on music charts and album sales. Riding the wave of the 'Teddy Bear' trend that everyone, young and old, sang along to, STAYC became adorable heroes for fans, delivering a message full of hope and comfort.

This 3rd mini album features tracks that showcase STAYC's various charms, with the participation of High Up Entertainment's representative producer Black Eyed Pilseung (B.E.P), K-pop hit producers Jeon goon, FLYT, BXN, and will.b From the bouncy TEENFRESH title track 'Bubble,' to the bold lyrics and strong rhythm of 'Not Like You' the warm consolation in the nostalgic melody of 'I Wanna Do' and the depiction of a girl in love in 'Be Mine.' Additionally, the 'Bubble (English Ver.)' adds a hip charm to the lively title track with impressive English lyrics composed by rapper ILLSON and Sean Rhee.

"Everybody wants circles, nobody knows the future."
"Don't shake too much, it's all just disappearing bubbles."

STAYC's irreplaceable positive energy, 'Bubble.'
The title track 'Bubble' turns the gaze and words of others that torment us into fleeting bubbles, delivering STAYC's positive message with delight. In a world that demands living in circles, the hatred and nagging of people, the conventional belief that youth hurts, and other heavy burdens are all lightened like soap bubbles, urging us to enjoy life like a festival.

We are all special just by existing, and in this busy world, we also need to enjoy the good things and live as ourselves. Since nobody knows the future, the message encourages us to be faithful to the present and live happily. STAYC's matured message of respecting diversity and spreading healthy minds and energy to listeners empowers their confident music and performances.

1. Bubble

The title track 'Bubble' is STAYC's unique TEENFRESH song, starting with a majestic intro featuring fireworks and string lines that herald the beginning of a festival. The catchy synth bass sound and unforgettable addictive hook, along with the "Bubble" lyrics, captivate listeners with the sound of popping soap bubbles, enhancing STAYC's lively charm and positive energy. The song carries a message of cheering to live as oneself, not being swayed by the words of others that are as fleeting as disappearing bubbles.

2. Not Like You

'Not Like You' is an impressive song with powerful 808 bass and Afro rhythms, adding left-right sound effects to the vocal chorus for an engaging listening experience. With honesty as their weapon, STAYC presents their bold side by vowing to live without being conscious of others' opinions.

3. I Wanna Do

'I Wanna Do' is a contemporary R&B genre song with a strong bell sound and drill beat that harmonize well. It exudes a sense of nostalgia with a memorable melody reminiscent of the 90s. The song conveys a warm message of always being there for someone, offering comfort to fans going through painful youth.

4. Be Mine

'Be Mine' is an alternative pop genre song that incorporates various sounds including a sampled riff, capturing Y2K sensibilities. It somewhat clumsily yet boldly expresses the girl's feelings of love. While singing of one's emotions towards the other person in a lively or tender way, the dreamy part that entices the other person adds impactful diversity to the song.

5. Bubble (English Ver.)

'Bubble (English Ver.)' is the English version of the title track 'Bubble,' featuring lyrics co-written by rapper ILLSON and Sean Rhee. It adds impressive English lyrics with rhyme and flow to the bright and cheerful title track, enhancing its hip charm.

6. Bubble (Sped Up) (English Ver.)

'Bubble (Sped Up) (English Ver.)' is a sped-up version of the English version of the title track 'Bubble.' With an even more energetic sound and playful high-pitched vocals, it amplifies STAYC's adorable charm. Through this song, they embrace the trend of sped-up versions that's gaining popularity on various short-form content platforms and streaming services, hinting at the diverse content that's yet to come.


1BubbleComposed by B.E.P, FLYT | Lyrics by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by Rado, FLYT2:59
2Not Like YouComposed by B.E.P, will.b | Lyrics by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by Rado2:49
3I Wanna DoComposed by will.b | Lyrics by will.b, van.gogh | Arranged by will.b2:54
4Be MineComposed by BXN, Prime Time | Lyrics by BXN | Arranged by BXN, Prime Time2:46
5Bubble (English Ver.)Composed by B.E.P, FLYT | Lyrics by ILLSON, Sean Rhee, B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by Rado, FLYT2:59
6Bubble (English Ver.)Composed by B.E.P, FLYT | Lyrics by ILLSON, Sean Rhee, B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by Rado, FLYT2:37