Teddy Bear

‘It’s our first time in this life.’
A positive message that gives hope and comfort with STAYC’s bright and kitsch ‘TEENFRESH’ style! 

STAYC, which shows endless growth among the 4th generation K-POP girl groups, will return with the new single, ‘Teddy Bear.’ STAYC, which broke their own record with ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’ in 2022 follwing ‘SO BAD,’ ‘ASAP,’ ‘STEREOTYPE,’ ‘RUN2U,’ and etc, ranked third in global trend with its Japanese debut album ‘Poppy’ in the second half of 2022, proving their global popularity not only among the public, but also among 4th generation idols.  

‘There’s no right answer, one hunnit’
‘Quiet please, put in airplane mode’ 
The title song ‘Teddy Bear’ is a POP FUNK genre song full of STAYC’s bright and radiant TEENFRESH energy.

In this complicated world where there is no right answer but demands an answer.
Wouldn’t it be comfortable if we all put it in ‘airplane mode’ for a while and have a ‘Teddy Bear’ who silently stands by us?

1. Teddy Bear
‘Teddy Bear’ is a medium that everyone had or estranged from when they were young, and STAYC and Black Eyed Pilseung tactfully solved the content of cheering and standing by them who were so pure without saying anything in the coming mistakes, disappointments, and endless flood of information.  

Such a reliable Teddy Bear standing by me.
Wouldn’t it be my own self-esteem protector and my own hero?
STAYC’s positive message, ‘Teddy Bear’
When you listen to it, they hope you’re in the ‘airplane mode’ state of emptying your head for a moment.  

2. Poppy (Korean Ver.)
In the second half of 2022, ‘Poppy,’ which drew explosive responses in domestic and foreign countries with STAYC’s Japanese debut title song, was recorded in a Korean version and reborn with twice as much of freshness.

The heart that seems to explode at any moment like a shaken soda is well contained in the track and lyrics, and above all, the addictive chorus is enough to imprint the title of ‘Poppy.


1Teddy BearComposed by B.E.P, FLYT | Lyrics by B.E.P, Jeon goon | Arranged by Rado, FLYT3:10
2Poppy (Korean Ver.)Composed by B.E.P, FLYT, will.b | Lyrics by B.E.P, Seoul Moon, Daeun Moon, Co-sho | Arranged by Rado, FLYT2:58