STAYC is back with their special signature genre called 'TEENFRESH'. The first mini album [STEREOTYPE] will be released on September 6th!

‘Idols with both skills and visuals’ has become a modifier for STAYC. STAYC, which has become a representative of fourth-generation K-pop girl group with a hot presence as 'All Members Center, Vocal, Performer, finished their promotions with the best performance since their debut with 'ASAP' of their second single album ‘STAYDOM'. The debut album 'Star To A Young Culture' surpassed 10,000 copies a week after its release. That record topped the list of girl-groups that debuted that year. Also the second single 'STAYDOM' surpassed 35,000 copies a week after its release. This record is well beyond the previous album's sales rate, showing their power once again. Immediately after the release of 'STAYDOM', the song was ranked at the top of the music charts in Korea and abroad. Also, 'cat kneading dance' of 'ASAP' has become a big issue on various SNS, which has gained popularity. It also showed remarkable growth in global popularity, including the U.S. Grammy's 'Rising Korean Artist 5' and the U.S. Time magazine's 'Best K-POP as of 2021’. In addition, even though they are a rookie less than a year after their debut, they are also selected as an exclusive advertising model such as cosmetics, headphones and contact lenses in Korea and foreign markets, and the advertising industry is continuing to cast them. STAYC, who has grown even more with the love of many listeners in Korea and abroad, is making a comeback with their new album 'STEREOTYPE'.

What you see isn't everything!

STAYC's 1st Mini Album contains a total of four songs, and the album's theme is ‘STEREOTYPE'. The title song 'STEREOTYPE' is a song of STAYC's special signature genre 'TEENFRESH' and contains STAYC's unique high-teen and elegance charms.

The lyrics include the message 'Don't look at me with colored glasses' to break away from prejudice and stereotypes that try to judge people simply and easily by their appearance. Instead of concluding the conclusion with a one color based on stereotypes, the song 'STEREOTYPE' has a message that we have various of colors and originalities. 'STEREOTYPE' is receiving a lot of expectation and attention as it offers a various image from dreamy atmosphere to funky mood of STAYC.

This album is composed of Black Eyed Pilseung, the representative producer of High-Up Entertainment, and Jeon Gun's full song production, and you can feel the music of STAYC in various moods. The wide musical spectrum of each song is impressive, and STAYC is emerging as an artist who is expected to grow further in the future.


1STEREOTYPEPRODUCED BY Black Eyed Pilseung, Jeon Gun3:11
2I’ll BE THEREPRODUCED BY Black Eyed Pilseung, Jeon Gun3:09
3SLOW DOWNPRODUCED BY Black Eyed Pilseung, Jeon Gun3:10
4COMPLEXPRODUCED BY Black Eyed Pilseung, Jeon Gun3:09