"STAYC," the biggest rookie with various achievements in 2020, opened the new door to their 2021 journey with their advanced new album "STAYDOM."

‘STAYC’, which matches the modifiers ‘All Member Center’ and ‘All Member Visual’, has already been verified through various media with beautiful appearance as well as excellent skills. Through ‘STAYDOM’, within freedom, ‘Teen Fresh’ will be introduced based on STAYC's ‘High Teen’ and ‘Kitsch’.

A total of four songs were included in "STAYDOM". ‘SO BAD (TAK REMIX)’ is a new remix of STAYC's debut song ‘SO BAD’. The title song ‘ASAP’ combines the addictive lines of Synth Bass and Woodwind Synth with cool rhythmic instruments. ‘So WHAT' is refreshing and energetic with sophisticated and sensual melodies. ‘LOVE FOOL’ is a contemporary R&B song which you can feel STAYC's sensual vocals. A total of four songs were included. With this album "STAYDOM", you can see STAYC, which has grown and become more colorful.


1ASAPPRODUCED BY Black Eyed Pilseung, Jeon Gun3:14
2SO WHATPRODUCED BY Black Eyed Pilseung, Jeon Gun 2:59
3LOVE FOOLPRODUCED BY Black Eyed Pilseung3:38