STAYC won the ‘AAA New Wave’ award and showed their presence as a global rookie with the special stage ‘STEREOTYPE’.

2021 12 03

STAYC imprinted their presence on global K-pop fans by winning the ‘AAA New Wave’ award.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) proved their presence as a global rookie by winning the ‘AAA New Wave’ at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards held on the afternoon of the 2nd, December. STAYC won the ‘AAA New Wave’ award. They said “Thank you for the good award. We are so grateful to SWITH for always supporting and loving us. Thank you to the staff of Hi-Up Entertainment. We are grateful to everyone who helps us grow further. We will always continue to achieve even more.”, in their acceptance speech. STAYC also expressed their gratitude to fans around the world by acceptance speech in English.

STAYC showed the joy of winning the ‘AAA New Wave’ and the special stage of ‘STEREOTYPE’.

STAYC, which showed their performance with its kitsch style and TEENFRESH charm, delivered the song’s message by expressing their splendid appearance and pure inner side. In particular, the high-quality group dance was impressive, and the point choreography ‘Ah-Ting Dance’ in the shape of glasses and eyelashes showed strong addiction.

STAYC continued their TEENFRESH charm to the ‘ASAP’ performance. STAYC caught the attention of global fans with their fresh visuals, great skill of group dance, and point choreography ‘Cat Kneading Dance’.

Meanwhile, STAYC recently completed their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’ promotion and they will continue to communicate with fans through various contents.

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