STAYC Wins 1st Award on ‘Music Bank’ again, Celebrates Double Music Show Victory with SWITH

2023 09 01

The group STAYC embraced the honor of winning 1st award on ‘Music Bank.’

On KBS Music Bank that aired on the 1st, STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) grabbed the first place trophy with their title song “Bubble” from their third Mini Album “TEENFRESH”

They appeared with a refreshing vibrant style that emphasized their cute and lovely charm.
STAYC captivated the audience instantly with their dazzling appearance and an upgraded teen-fresh charm. Their six-member lineup with diverse vocal talents brought joy to fans’ ears.

In particular, STAYC enhanced their performances with catchy choreography that anyone can easily follow. Moreover, they brought smiles with their refreshing facial expressions and conveyed a delightful energy through lyrics filled with hope and positivity.

Following their nomination as the top candidate, STAYC went on to win the first award and expressed their deep gratitude stating, “I’m really thankful to SWITH (official fandom name), and I’d like to congratulate them as well. We will be having our first concert in Seoul starting from the 23rd, and I hope many of you will come and have a great time.” They celebrated their first place victory by performing an encore stage of “Bubble” and fulfilling the promise to sing each other’s lines.

‘Bubble’ presents a strong sense of addictiveness with STAYC’s teen-fresh charm, evoking a festive atmosphere each stage through their performance and catchy choreography.
After its release, the song has consistently been on the rise on music streaming platforms, and the music video is on the verge of reaching the 30 million views milestone, further solidifying this group’s status as a representative of the 4th generation.

Meanwhile, STAYC will mark the beginning of their world tour by hosting “STAYC 1ST WORLD TOUR [TEENFRESH] in SEOUL]” at Seoul Olympic Hall on the 23rd and 24th this month.

The tour continues to a total of 11 cities including sold out shows in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles along with New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Dallas, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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