STAYC, the representative of the 4th generation K-pop girl group, made a comeback and the title song ‘ASAP’ ranked high place in the music charts with 2.5 million M/V views.

2021 04 09

STAYC broke its own highest ranking on the music charts, demonstrating its potential as a representative of the fourth-generation K-pop girl group.

Since it’s release on the 8th, STAYC (Sumin, Seiun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, J)’s second single album ‘ASAP’ has been ranked 5th in Bugs Music and 17th in Genie, and has also entered in the Melon Latest-time 24Hits chart.

This is an upward figure from the highest ranking recorded by their debut song ‘SO BAD’ at the time, confirming the true value of STAYC, who is drawing a growth curve as a trend group five months after their debut. The music video has surpassed 2.5 million views in just one day since its release, and continues to grow rapidly.

‘ASAP’ is a song produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Gun, who collaborated on numerous hit songs, including ‘SO BAD’, featuring a refreshing and charming sound. The song, ‘ASAP’ expressed a girl’s desire for her ideal type, which was perfectly drawn in heart, to appear ASAP (As Soon As Possible).

After the release of the music and music video, people wrote comments, “It seems to be the freshest K-pop song of the year.” “I’m hooked on the song because it’s refreshing and feels like teenagers” and “I love the soft feeling and narrative like a shy girl in love.” Many of them showing enthusiastic responses, writing positive reviews.

STAYC made a comeback through an online fan showcase to commemorate the release of ‘STAYDOM’ on the 8th. They made its first official performance on the stage. They appear on KBS2’s ‘MUSIC BANK’ which will air in the afternoon of the 9th, and begin their comeback activities. STAYC, which is scheduled to unveil its ‘ASAP’ stage for the first time on the TV show, plans to impress music fans by showing more colorful and improved performance.

Starting with ‘Music Bank’ STAYC will be on music programs and various contents.

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