“STAYC, the New Web Show ‘Pressured Deals’ First Reveal! The Birth of Self-Produced mini STAYC “Expectations Rise”

2023 09 17

The group STAYC presented a special gift to their fans by creating a mini STAYC.

On the 15th of last month, STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) released the first episode of their self-produced content “STAYC’s Pressured Deals’ through their official YouTube channel.

On that day, STAYC celebrated the start of their new web show, saying, “Starting today, we’re doing a new web show.” While discussing their preferred concepts, Sumin and Yoon had contrasting reactions to camping and water activities, sparking laughter. The production team revealed that the main theme of the show is “transaction,” and Yoon was chosen as the first representative for the transactions.

The first person to engage in the transaction was Rado. STAYC gathered their opinions on what they would like to receive through the transaction, whether it be a corporate card, a personal card, or one million won per member. The members shared their desires and indulged in happy daydreams about what they would do if the transaction succeeded. In the midst of this, J stated, “I don’t want anything,” and later faced headwinds which led to laughter from the others.

Feeling the pressure, Yoon began a one-on-one meeting with Rado and confidently expressed her desire to receive a corporate card, a personal card, and six million won. In response, Rado suggested a mission, saying, “The amount is too high.” Yoon attempted various missions, including rock-paper-scissors, aegyo(cute behavior), word chain games, and playing guitar, but she couldn’t reach an agreement with Rado. After negotiations, it was settled that if she succeeded in the mission, she would receive 1.02 million won.

Rado’s proposed mission was a game where members randomly drew a character, and everyone had to guess who it was. STAYC showed confidence but ultimately failed the mission. In response, the production team decided to allow a one-time re-trade for the first episode and presented a mission to create their own characters. STAYC successfully completed the mission by crafting characters that reflected their own images.

Through the first transaction, STAYC received 1.02 million won, and Yoon expressed her desire to use the money to create character merchandise for their group. The other members agreed, and that is how the Mini STAYC, symbolizing the group, came to life.

STAYC’s new web show, ‘STAYC’s Pressured Deals,” releases a new episode every Friday night at 8 PM.

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