STAYC successfully wraps up ‘STAYC’s Burden transaction’… ‘We will definitely come back’ leaving cheerful message

2023 11 04

The group STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, Seeun, Yoon and J) has wrapped up ‘Burden transaction’ with great energy.

On the 3rd, STAYC unveiled the final episode of their self-produced content ‘STAYC’s Burden transaction’ on their official YouTube channel.

On this day, STAYC, in a state of owing 30 negative tokens, proceeded with the ‘sense quiz.’ The game required them to touch challenging items while blindfolded for 10 seconds each. Success entailed all six members shouting the same answer.

STAYC expressed confidence from the outset and swiftly guessed live chicken and enoki mushrooms, signaling a strong start. In the final round, a live eel appeared, and Yoon declared a strike before the start, saying, “I can’t touch it.” On the other hand, J boldly handled the eel, causing laughter. With their decisive performance, STAYC correctly guessed all the answers in the second game, earning a total of 120 tokens.

Subsequently, STAYC purchased the necessary food for their evening meal but appealed that it wasn’t sufficient, highlighting their hunger. They earned the chance to choose ‘restaurant food’ from the production team. The mission was to find two treasures hidden in two rooms within 10 minutes, with Seeun and Yoon taking the lead.

Seeun cautiously and meticulously began searching for the treasure, while Yoon, in her passion to find the treasure, even put down the camera, eliciting laughter. Yoon, who found the treasure first, proceeded to support Seeun’s location but ultimately couldn’t find the last treasure.

Choosing steak and oven pizza as a reward for one treasure, STAYC savored the dessert prepared by the production team for the final shoot. Furthermore, STAYC announced, “In episode 1 of ‘Burden transaction,’ we plan to launch the character dolls that we produced on our 3rd debut anniversary on November 12th,” raising expectations. STAYC concluded ‘Burden transaction,’ conveying a cheerful impression, stating, “We will definitely come back.”

Meanwhile, having successfully concluded their first World Tour Seoul concert and North American tour, STAYC will continue the heat with their Asia Tour starting from January next year. They are scheduled to perform on January 14th in Taipei, January 20th in Hong Kong, and February 16th in Singapore.

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