STAYC Rises on ‘Mr.House Husband’… ‘Daddy Bear’ Park Nam Jung x Senior Artist Hyun Jin Young’s Storm of Support

2023 08 27

The group STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) received support from veteran artists Park Nam Jung and Hyun Jin Young in the music industry.

On the 26th, STAYC appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Mr.House Husband Season 2.”

On this day, STAYC met with Sieun’s “Daddy Bear,” Park Nam Jung, and senior singer Hyun Jin Young in their practice room before their comeback. Sieun revealed that she had received training from Hyun Jin Young in the past, even flipping buckets as part of her training, and explained, “Among all the lessons I’ve received, this one was the most unique. She said that practicing this way ensures stability while singing and dancing, without any shaking.”

Additionally, STAYC listened to stories about the prime of their careers from Park Nam Jung and Hyun Jin Young. In particular, ISA expressed her admiration by saying, “When I was young, I watched a lot of variety shows. When it came to dance singers, I always thought of Park Nam Jung and Hyun Jin Young.”

STAYC went on to explain the ways their fans support them nowadays, introducing their official cheering tools and various methods of communication with fans. They even facilitated interaction between Park Nam Jung, Hyun Jin Young, and their fandom using smartphones.

Later, at the waiting room of KBS 1TV’s “Open Concert,” STAYC met Park Nam Jung and Hyun Jin Young again. Park Nam Jung and Hyun Jin Young had prepared a space to congratulate and support STAYC’s comeback. STAYC spent precious time with them, enjoying coffee from a nearby cafe and taking dance videos and photos together.

With the support from Park Nam Jung and Hyun Jin Young, STAYC delivered a flawless comeback stage. Finally, Sieun expressed her gratitude, saying, “Actually, to me, Park Nam Jung is like a father, and Hyun Jin Young is like an uncle. But at the same time, they are respected senior artists in the music industry who supported us and cheered for us from the audience. I want to express my gratitude once again; it was a meaningful day.”

Meanwhile, STAYC will be engaging with fans through broadcasts and various content while promoting their new song, “Bubble.”

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