STAYC joins Weverse today (the 9th) → Ready to communicate with “SWITH” all over the world!

2021 08 09

STAYC will join ‘Weverse’ and expand global communication.

On the 9th, the agency Hi-Up Entertainment said, “STAYC will join the global fan community platform Weverse to open the community.”

STAYC, who has been continuing their hot career as a global rookie by making their name on the Grammy’s ‘Rising Korean Artist 5’ and Time magazine’s ‘2021 Best K-POP’ list, decided to join Weverse to make more chance of communication with fans all around the world and the global fandom’s growth.

To celebrate the opening of the STYAC Weverse community, STAYC will hold a hashtag event until the 17th. 

If you post your favorite picture or GIF image with the reason and type the event hashtags (#SWITH_with_STAYC) on the STAYC Weverse, it will automatically apply. Through a draw, 20 participants will be presented with STAYC’s albums with handwritten autographs and polaroid photos decorated by STAYC members.

STAYC, which debuted in November 2020, has established themselves as a fourth-generation representative group through attractive visuals and addictive music suitable for the concept of teen fresh, along with the modifier ‘All member-Center, Vocal, Performer’. With their debut album ‘Star To A Young Culture’ they sold more than 10,000 albums in the first week of the album’s release, proving their power by topping the list of girl groups that debuted last year.

Then, with the title track ‘ASAP’ of the second album ‘STAYDOM’, which was released in April, they have become popular as an ‘idol with both skills and visuals’.

STAYC, which continues to be a global rookie, has newly joined Weverse, which has become a hot topic with the communities of various artists such as BTS, Black Pink, Seventeen, and New Hope Club, raising the interest of many fans.

Meanwhile, STAYC continues to communicate with their fans by own content of their official YouTube channel.