“STAYC Delivers Energetic Charm in Sporty Looks!”: “Bubble” Ver. Concept Photos for 3rd Mini Album “TEENFRESH” Released

2023 08 07

The first series of concept photos for the group STAYC has been revealed, highlighting their distinctive allure.

On August 6th, STAYC members (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) revealed individual and group concept photos for the “Bubble” version of their third mini-album “TEENFRESH” on social media.

The revealed concept photos flawlessly fuse bubble-like circular effects with STAYC’s charming ambiance. The vibrant backgrounds, spanning from the mini-album’s signature orange hue to the invigorating blues of summer, further enhanced the delight of the visual experience.

Adorned in charming yet sporty outfits, complemented by distinctive fashion accessories, STAYC showcased their adorable and energetic charisma. By accentuating each member’s unique traits in their individual shots and skillfully crafting exceptional visual harmony in the group compositions, STAYC heightened the anticipation surrounding their forthcoming album release.

“TEENFRESH” captures STAYC’s signature Teenfresh charm. With the title track “Bubble,” STAYC is set to deliver a unique vibrancy and positive energy reminiscent of the zesty delight found in orange-flavored carbonated beverages.

Having already entranced a global audience with their unparalleled positive energy, STAYC now generates heightened anticipation for the heightened musical narratives and performances they will reveal within this album. The group is ready to sustain the momentum by progressively releasing concept photos that spotlight their diverse and captivating attributes.

STAYC’s third mini-album “TEENFRESH” will be released on the 16th at 6PM KST through various online music platforms.

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