STAYC, ‘4th Generation Girl Group Representative’, selected as Rookie ‘2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Grand Prize’ for Idol category

2021 04 27

STAYC was selected as the most influential new girl idol.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, J) was selected as the No. 1 new female idol brand in the person and culture category at the ‘2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Grand Prize’ held in the afternoon of the 27th.

STAYC, who won their first rookie award five months after their debut, said in an interview. “We’re happy to receive such a meaningful award. Thank you and we love our members who trusted and relied on each other and our fans.”

In particular, Sumin said, “The theme of this album is ‘FREEDOM’. It’s a hard time now, but I hope you can feel a little encouraged and free with our music and stage. we will show you healthy music and energy.” She showed her commitment to more active and various activities.

‘2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Grand Prize’ is the largest event in Korea where Brand Keys, the top 10 brand evaluation institutions in the U.S., and the Korea Consumer Forum investigate the loyalty of Korean brands and announce the No. 1 brand in each sector that is most influential in society and pop culture. The number of consumer surveys reached 1,163,618 cases this year, marking its 6th anniversary.

STAYC, the first self-produced girl group of Black Eyed Pilseung, a representative producer of Hi-Up Entertainment, officially debuted in November last year with the title song ‘SO BAD’ of their first single album ‘Star To A Young Culture’. STAYC’s perfect visuals, charm, and skills, which all six members can be ‘All members Center’ have all made strong impressions on music fans.

STAYC is continuing their upward trend by breaking the ‘career-high’ with the title track ‘ASAP’ of their second single ‘STAYDOM’ released on the 8th. ‘ASAP’ showed their value on Melon’s 24Hits, daily and weekly charts, as well as various music charts, including Bugs, Genie, Flo, Spotify and Billboard K-pop 100 weekly charts. The album ‘STAYDOM’ sold a total of 35,518 copies in first week sales. The music video of ‘ASAP’ surpassed 20 million views in just nine days after its release.

STAYC will continue to have various activities and show off their unique ‘Teen Fresh’ charm.