STAYC, 2024 Season’s Greeting Concept Photos Revealed – ‘Perfect Transformation’ into a Sniper in Games

2023 10 21

The group STAYC has teased surreal visuals through the 2024 Season’s Greetings.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) recently shared the news of the release of ‘STAYC 2024 SEASON’S GREETINGS [Play STAYC Arcade]’ on their official social media accounts, along with the release of concept photos in the form of ‘game characters,’ gathering expectations from their fans.

The concept for this 2024 Season’s Greetings is to welcome the year 2023 in a special way with STAYC’s hidden ‘unexpected charm.’ It revolves around the main keyword ‘Arcade,’ which was the theme of their 3rd mini-album ‘TEENFRESH,’ released last August, and it includes a diverse array of items that fans can enjoy with STAYC.

In the sequentially released ‘game character’ version concept photos, STAYC has transformed into protagonists in games. They exude a previously unseen, retrained charisma in black tech-wear outfits reminiscent of snipers. With unreal visuals of those found in comics and captivating gazes, they are hinting at a spectacular Season’s Greetings, fueling fans’ anticipation.

Previously, STAYC has stirred the collecting enthusiasm of global fans by unveiling pack shots of the Season’s Greetings that contained highly practical items. On that day, they revealed the ‘game character’ version concept photos, showcasing a unique STAYC interpretation of teenfresh, and fans’ excitement levels for the 2024 Season’s Greetings have also significantly increased.

This year, STAYC released their fourth album ‘Teddy Bear’ and their third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH.’ Additionally, they embarked on their debut world tour, covering 11 cities around the world. As a result, there is a growing interest in STAYC’s continued endeavors in 2024.

Meanwhile, STAYC’s 2024 Season’s Greetings, which started its pre-sale on the 18th, will be available for purchase until the 31st. Detailed information can be found through their official social media accounts.

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