‘September 6th Comeback’ STAYC, title song is ‘STEREOTYPE’…Black Eyed Pilseung’s Hidden Track, hidden for two years.

2021 08 30

STAYC has released highlights of all the songs in their new mini album.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) posted a highlight part medley video of their first mini album ‘STEREOTYPE’ on their official YouTube account at midnight on the 30th.

In the video released, the melody of four tracks of the mini album, is including the title track ‘STEREOTYPE’, ‘I’ll BE THERE’, ‘SLOW DOWN’ and ‘COMPLEX’ without accompaniment.

Without accompaniment, STAYC’s voice alone composed a highlight melody, and the clear and energetic voice of the members captivated the ears. In addition, the highlight medley was filled with scenes that looked like nothing was connected to the TV screen, rather than pictures or videos of STAYC, giving it a fresh and new look.

In particular, the title song ‘STEROTYPE’ is STAYC’s first song, which was made when the members-planning was completed before their debut. Based on STAYC’s special signature genre, ‘Teen Fresh’, it contains six members’ bright high-teen sensibilities and elegance. The album was produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Gun, CEO and producer of High Up Entertainment, which collaborated with ‘SO BAD’ and ‘ASAP’. Many fans are looking forward to STAYC’s hidden track ‘STEREOTYPE’, which will be released finally in two years.

The mini album ‘STEREOTYPE’, which will be released by STAYC, the ‘Fourth Generation Representative Group’ with both skills and visuals, for the first time since their debut, is released after about five months since their second single ‘STAYDOM’ released in April. You can see STAYC’s colorful charms, which have returned with more advanced music and appearance in the new album.

STAYC’s first mini album ‘STEREOTYPE’ will be released on September 6th at 6 p.m. on various online music websites. In addition, pre-sale of physical albums is selling on all online music sites.