‘Cosmetics, lenses and headphones’ STAYC became a model for various commercials in nine months since their debut.

2021 08 18

STAYC has become a rookie in the advertising industry.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) has been selected as a commercial model of Korea’s leading cosmetics brand, contact lens brand, and global headphone brand nine months after their debut in November last year.

STAYC, which set new records as soon as they debuted and established themselves as a representative of the fourth-generation idol group, was selected as an advertising model for LG Household Health’s cosmetic brand in the first half of this year.

Since their debut, STAYC has been attracting attention for their beautiful visuals that match the term ‘All-members-center’ and young and energetic TEEN FRESH. The charm of the six members, who were fostered with the keyword ‘Healthy’, meaning right personality and healthy mind even before their debut, matched the brand image of natural and beautiful. Based on this positive image, STAYC signed a contract worth billions of dollars with LG Household and Health, creating a surprise.

STAYC, which has further strengthened their popular image with their second single ‘STAYDOM’, was recently selected as an ad model for contact lens franchise Lensme Co., Ltd. and global brand Philips’ new Bluetooth headphones (Earbuds).

Although STAYC is a rookie that debuted less than a year ago, they are taking over the K-pop and advertising industries at the same time with a unique Teen Fresh that distinguishes themselves from other groups.

In particular, according to their name ‘We are going to be a star who leads the young culture. (Star To A Young Culture)’ is more meaningful as they have been selected as a commercial model aimed at MZ generation such as cosmetics, contact lenses, and Bluetooth headphones. Meanwhile, STAYC will release their first mini album ‘STEREOTYPE’ on various music websites at 6 p.m. on September 6th and begin official activities in the second half of the year.