B.E.P.’s production girl group, official team name STAYC… debut on Nov 12th

2020 10 12

Black Eyed Pilseung’s first production girl group HIGH-UP GIRLS (tentative name) confirmed their debut date with their official team name STAYC and announced their full-fledged appearance.

“We have confirmed the official name of the HIGH-UP GIRLS as STAYC and will make their official debut on November 12th,” said the agency, HIGH-UP Entertainment, on the 12th.

STAYC is the first girl group that Black Eyed Pilseung produces, who are the K-pop representative producing team that has produced a large number of hit songs of popular girl groups such as TWICE, CHUNG HA, Apink, and Sistar, and who recently composed ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’, the first song of the Refund Sisters, to compose and produce.

Starting with Park Sieun, who made a deep impression as an actor by appearing in various dramas last month, Bae Sumin and Yoon Seeun, only three of them were revealed first and they have attracted high attention even before their debut.

STAYC stands for ‘Star To A Young Culture’, meaning ‘a star who leads a young culture.’ Attention is focusing on what concept STAYC will challenge the K-pop industry.

After opening their official SNS account today and unveiling their team logo image, STAYC is planning to release various promotional teaser contents until their debut, raising fans’ expectations.

The agency official said, “We are grateful of a lot of attention and support on STAYC even before their debut. The members are currently working hard to prepare for their debut in order to look better,” they said. “The profiles of STAYC members, which are still shrouded in mystery, will be released soon, so please look forward to it.”