STAYC X Black Eyed Pilseung release a commentary video clip about their new single ‘WEN NEED LOVE’

2022 07 04

STAYC has released a surprise video showing new appearance and musical growth.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) posted a commentary video ‘STAYC’s next album is…’ which was about their third single ‘WE NEED LOVE’.

Executive producer of High Up Entertainment, Black Eyed Pilseung Rado said, “So far, I’ve emphasized Teen Fresh a lot in STAYC’s music. But I feel like I’m trapped in that word, so I want to make an album that breaks that limits of it.” Also said, “I approached it by thinking about, ‘What is good music?'”  STAYC’s new music, which is different from before is being heralded.

Rado also said, “The mood and contents of the music have changed. It has become concise and simple. Also it feels like a hippie” His comments about the concept of the new song make fans curious.

STAYC also told a honest comments about their changed thoughts and future directions as they prepared their new album.  About the new title track, Seeun said, “It was the song that I had the biggest worries about what emotions to express and what expressions to make.” and J added, “It was the first time I felt so many emotions while recording it.”

“We used to think about stability in singing, but this time we focused on the details of expression,” ISA said. Sumin added, “I felt like I was making a drama on the stage.” Sieun said “We could say STAYC, we have our own genre until ‘RUN2U’, but it would feel different this time.” Their comments make fans look forward to the new album.

In particular, STAYC gave the same opinion about insisting live singing with the colorful voices of all members. They said, “It’s natural”, “If I don’t sing the song live, I don’t get energy.” and “I feel energized because we are with our fans.” Especially, Yoon said, “Is there a reason why we’re singing the song live? We just do it because we are singers.” She expressed her musical passion.

‘WE NEED LOVE’ is an album that expresses STAYC’s growing musicality and new appearance.

STAYC, which has established themselves as the ‘representative group of fourth generation’ by making hit songs for each album, will take another leap forward as the ‘All member-main vocal group’ with great live performances.

STAYC’s third single ‘WE NEED LOVE’, which will continue STAYC’s trend once again, will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 19th.

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