STAYC, ‘RUN2U’ is ranked as TOP10 on Melon real-time, daily, and weekly charts. ‘Rising Booster Turn ON’

2022 03 15

STAYC is continuing their relentless run with ‘RUN2U’.

STAYC’s ‘RUN2U’ which is the title track of their second mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ ranked 5th on the Melon Daily Chart (March 13) and 7th on the weekly chart (week 2 of March). In addition, it is steadily in the upper ranks on the Melon TOP100 chart, where real-time streaming rankings can be checked.

As a result, ‘RUN2U’ showed its potential to succeed in ranking top 10 in Melon’s real-time, daily, and weekly charts. The song is very addictive and is expected to continue to run for a long time on the charts as it continues to rise in popularity.

STAYC’s race continues not only on music charts but also on music shows.

STAYC’s ‘RUN2U’ was ranked No.1 at ‘The Show’ on SBS MTV, ‘Show! Champion’ on MBC M, ‘M Countdown’ on Mnet and ‘Music Bank’ on KBS2 and took six trophies from the music shows. The six-time winner of ‘RUN2U’ is the best record for STAYC’s own music show.

STAYC is breaking career high for every album, from the first week sales record of the album to the winning of the music shows, and will continue to meet with fans with various activities and contents.

‘Run2U’ is a song that honestly expresses the feeling of running towards you without fear if it is for love, no matter what others say. In addition to the point choreography ‘Hesitance Dance’, STAYC’s confident charm and performance are showing stronger Teen Fresh.

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