STAYC the title track ‘RUN2U’ topped the YouTube music weekly chart and popular music video ‘Amazing Achievement’

2022 03 01

STAYC’s ‘RUN2U’ captivated K-POP fans all around the world.

STAYC’s title track ‘RUN2U’ of the second mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUVCOM’ topped the weekly chart of ‘Top 100 Korean Popular Songs’ released by global music streaming platform YouTube Music on the 28th of last month.

In addition to ‘RUN2U’, ‘STEREOTYPE’ ranked 34th, ‘ASAP’ ranked 35th, and ‘SO BAD’ ranked 88th, all title songs released by STAYC since their debut were ranked on the chart.

In addition, the ‘RUN2U’ music video topped the YouTube music global chart ‘Top 100 Popular Music Videos in Korea’. Also, a total of five videos were ranked, including a performance video of the ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ showcase, a special clip video of 1theK, and a music video of ‘STEREOTYPE’.

STAYC, which has been strong on YouTube, a music and video platform used by people all around the world, will continue to show their potential as a global K-POP rookie in various promotions and contents.

STAYC’s second mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ broke their own record for the first week of sales, recording 153,301 copies in the first week as a result of the Hanteo chart, a Korean album sales website.

In addition, the title track ‘RUN2U’ ranked the top of major real-time music charts in Korea shortly after its release and was also listed at the top of the global music streaming platform iTunes Worldwide Album Chart and 13 regional album charts. The ‘RUN2U’ music video continues to be popular, with nearly 30 million views on YouTube as of the morning of March 1.

STAYC will continue their official promotions on music shows and various contents.

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