STAYC, Winning their first No.1 on ‘Inkigayo’.. “Hope to gain great love and strength from ‘Teddy Bear’”

2023 02 26

The group STAYC won their first No.1 on ‘Inkigayo’.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) has performed their title song ‘Teddy Bear’ from their 4th album on SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’, which aired on the 26th.

As soon as they made their comeback, they won 3 gold medals on music shows, and they took the 1st place on ‘Inkigayo’ that day, keeping their honor of winning 4 gold medals. For their speech they said “Thank you so much, SWEET,” and also thanked the family and staff members of their agency. They also said “Congratulations to all our members, and please keep looking out for us. I hope that many people will gain strength from our ‘Teddy Bear’.”

STAYC performed their lovely stage with their TEENFRESH charm of fresh energy. The styling that brought out the charms of each member along with their outstanding ‘center’ visuals has caught the eye of the audience. On the stage their performance has become more relaxed and soft than before, and filled the stage with hope and positive vibe. In particular, STAYC’s facial expressions and gestures surely enriched the stage. The point choreography reminiscent of “Teddy Bear ” and colorful choreography full of TEENFRESH energy filled the stage.

In particular, Yoon was the special MC with Jung-eui Roh and Beom-joon Seo for ‘Inkigayo’ that day. Yoon came out on the stage with a unique styling. She styled with the concept of ‘going on a vacation’. This gave a pleasant energy with bright tension and showed chemistry between the MCs by presenting various short dramas together.

STAYC’s 4th single album ‘Teddy Bear’ surpassed the initial sales of 340,000 copies, far surpassing the previous album and writing a new record of its own. The title song which is the same as the album title, ‘Teddy Bear’, entered the Melon Top 100 at the same time as it was released, and is still receiving a great love to this day, and selected as the cover of ‘K-Pop ON!’ on the world’s greatest streaming platform, ‘Spotify’.

Also, they won 1st place on SBS MTV ‘The Show’, MBC M ‘Show! Champion’, KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ and ‘Inkigayo’, proving their ongoing success and global power.

Meanwhile, STAYC continue with their ‘Teddy Bear’ by performing on various music broadcasts and various web contents.

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