STAYC, the Philippine fan meeting ‘Hello STAYC’ was successful! Hot local response ‘Global trend’!

2022 12 04

STAYC successfully completed their first overseas fan meeting since their debut.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) held ‘STAYC 1st Fan Meeting in Manila [Hello STAYC]’ at the EVM Convention Center in Manila, Philippines on the 3rd and met local fans.

As this fan meeting was STAYC’s first fan meeting in the Philippines since their debut, Venue was filled with even hotter enthusiasm.

First, STAYC showed opening performances with ‘SO BAD and ‘BEUTIFUL MONSTER’ and greeted fans for the first time. They then performed various songs such as ‘RUN2U’ and ‘SO WHAT’ and ‘I’ll BE THERE’ one after another, making fans to respond and sing along.

In addition, STAYC had an unforgettable time with fans of various games such as ‘Post-it Q&A’, which randomly selects and answers post-it with fans’ questions, and divided into two teams, Secret Box and Follow Me.

In particular, as if responding to STAYC’s passion, fans also prepared surprise gifts. STAYC saw the video produced by fans during a photo shoot with fans, they dropped tears at the unexpected gift. Singing Pilipino songs with fans who came to Venue, STAYC finished the Philippine fan meeting with ‘ASAP’ as an encore song.

STAYC said, “We came with excitement at the news of meeting SWITH in Philippines who always supported us from afar. Starting with this fan meeting, we want to make a lot of happy memories with SWITH Philippines.” they said, expressing their feelings about their first fan meeting in the Philippines. “We are working really happily thanks to you for waiting for us and always giving us a lot of love and support. Let’s make a lot of good memories in the future!” they said to fans.

Meanwhile, STAYC is actively promoting their Japanese debut single ‘POPPY’ in Japan, and will continue their busy schedule until the end of the year by holding overseas fan meetings in Taipei, Taiwan.

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