“Music Bank” STAYC won three awards for “Teddy Bear”…Encore live was also “Perfect”

2023 02 24

The group STAYC proved its steep rise by winning three awards from music shows.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) performed on KBS 2TV’s music program “Music Bank,” which aired on the 24th, and won first place for the third time with their title song “Teddy Bear” from their 4th album.

On this day, STAYC conducted the interview first as a candidate for the first place. Sieun said, “I’m having great days thanks to the support of our SWEET,” and J also showed her love too by saying, “Our teddy bear is always the SWEET.” Also, STAYC made an acrostic poem for ‘Teddy Bear’, ‘Te’ – Teddy Bear is ‘ddy’ – ddy(very) very addictive. ‘Be’ – It’s Be(ve)ry be(ve)ry lovely. ‘ar’ – ar(u)navoidable Teddy Bear and this surely made the fans happy.

STAYC again showed their great love and thanks to their fans after winning the first place trophy at the ending stage following the Korean version of “Poppy” and their title song “Teddy Bear”by saying “SWEET, thank you so much. It feels like a dream. The dream has come true by all your support and love. Thank you so much for always standing by our side. We want to make happy memories by always working hard,” They added by saying, “We wanted to give great strength and happiness to people with our album, but I think we are getting greater energy.”

At the encore stage, STAYC performed a hip-hop version of “Teddy Bear,” which was their No. 1 pledge. STAYC performed the most perfect live performance on their encore stage and next to them there was a special guest that caught an eye. It was their manager who stole all the attention in the music video by the name of “Bbangvely”.

Meanwhile, STAYC made a comeback with “Teddy Bear,” a pop punk song filled with STAYC’s lovely energy, on the 16th. After entering the Melon TOP100 at the same time as the comeback, it has received great love by hitting the No.1 latest Melon chart (within a week), and has been selected as the cover of “K-Pop ON!” on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming site.

SBS MTV’s “The Show” and MBC’s”Show Champion” followed with various career high records including initial album sales. Many music fans are congratulating STAYC, who also topped the list in “Show Champion” and “Music Bank.”

STAYC has been receiving great support and love from many music fans as they’ve been writing a new record of its own by winning 1st place on SBS MTV’s “The Show” and MBC’s “Show!” as well as in various parts including their initial album sales.

STAYC will continue their “Teddy Bear” performances through various music broadcasts and various web contents.

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