STAYC, Visits to Prestigious Scottish Football Club! Wishes for League Victory → Filming ‘Teddy Bear’ Challenge

2023 11 07

The group STAYC visits Scotland and meets football fans.

On the 6th (local time), STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) responded to an invitation from the prestigious Scottish football club ‘Rangers FC’ and visited the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow.

‘Rangers FC,’ which invited STAYC to Scotland, is a representative and prestigious football club in Scotland with over 150 years of tradition and 55 Premier League titles.

On this day, STAYC visited the Ibrox Stadium, the home stadium of ‘Rangers FC,’ and had a uniform presentation ceremony amidst the warm welcome of the staff. They also conducted a stadium tour and filmed the ‘Teddy Bear’ challenge against the backdrop of the home stadium, spreading STAYC’s positive ‘TEENFRESH’ energy. The visit included a tour of the Rangers Museum and created unforgettable memories with football fans who came to the scene.

Previously, during STAYC’s debut world tour performance ‘TEENFRESH’ held in Dallas, USA, the members wore ‘Rangers FC’ uniforms instead of those of the Texas Rangers, a baseball team based in Texas. This mix-up in team names garnered attention from major international media such as the UK’s BBC and the New York Times (NYT).

In response, ‘Rangers FC’ expressed gratitude to STAYC for introducing the club to K-pop fans worldwide and stated, “We thank STAYC members for responding positively to the pleasant humor surrounding this incident. It is an honor to provide an opportunity to greet the fans of Scotland and Rangers FC.”

STAYC’s recent global activities, along with news of ‘Rangers FC’ reaching the finals of the Scottish Premiership, have been mentioned in local communities, including the official social media accounts of the club, creating new local buzz.

Meanwhile, STAYC is set to release their third Japanese single album ‘LIT’ on December 6th, continuing their busy schedule with album promotions and world tours until next year.

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