STAYC, First World Tour ‘TEENFRESH’ Successfully Wraps up U.S Performances! Flawless Live Shows → To Love for the Fans

2023 10 31

The group STAYC has successfully completed their North American Tour.

Starting in New York on the 11th (local time), STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) held their first world tour, ‘TEENFRESH,’ and met with local fans in various U.S cities, including Chicago on the 13th, San Antonio on the 17th, Dallas on the 19th, Seattle on the 24th, San Francisco on the 26th. and Los Angeles on the 29th.

‘TEENFRESH’ is STAYC’s first world tour held after their debut, and the enthusiastic response from local fans throughout the performances truly showcased STAYC’s global presence.

First, STAYC opened the stage with ‘SO BAD,’ ‘RUN2U,’ and ‘Poppy’ before greeting their fans. They then delivered beloved performances such as ‘STEREOTYPE,’ ‘Teddy Bear,’ ‘Bubble,’ ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’ reggae version, ‘SO WHAT,’ ‘ASAP,’ and more, sparking fans’ enthusiastic responses and sing-alongs.

The performances at STAYC’s concerts, especially starting with the first-time stage of the new song ‘Flexing On My Ex,’ which was unveiled at the Seoul Concert in September, and their rendition of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the U.S.A’ cover, displayed a high level of perfection and fully showcased STAYC’s unique charm, leading the audience to ecstatic reactions.

STAYC, who spent precious time enjoying the stage with their fans, wrapped up the U.S tour with encore performances of ‘SAME SAME,’ ‘SLOW DOWN,’ and the band version of ‘Bubble.’

STAYC expressed their gratitude and love, saying, “We are always thankful and we had so much fun because of your support and love. We hope this concert leaves happy and enjoyable memories for our fans as well.”

Meanwhile, STAYC is set to release their third Japanese single album ‘LIT,’ on December 6th. They have a busy schedule planned for album promotion and world tours continuing into next year.

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