STAYC’s debut album initial sales surpassed 10,000 copies… #1 among the girl groups’ debut albums

2020 11 19

Rookie girl group STAYC’s debut album sales surpassed 10,000 copies.

According to the Hanteo Chart, a local music sales website, on the 19th, STAYC’s first single album ‘Star To A Young Culture’ released on the 12th, recorded 10,295 initial sales(November 12-18 in aggregate).

STAYC drew attention from the first day of release by selling 4,335 copies of debut album. With the record of the day, STAYC also took third place in the Hanteo Chart Daily Record Rankings and made an unusual move at the same time as its debut.

“It is very unusual for a girl group to achieve a record of more than 10,000 copies in initial sales,” Hanteo Chart said. “In particular, STAYC’s initial record is the highest among the initial sales records of the girl groups’ debut albums released in 2020.”

STAYC made their official debut in the K-pop scene on the 12th as a girl group directed and produced by K-pop representative producer Black Eyed Pilseung(Choi Kyu-sung, Rado).

STAYC, who has received much public attention as a group of attractive charms that can perform ‘All Center’ and ‘All Vocal’ even before its debut, was ranked at the top of the real-time charts of major music sites right after its release with the title track ‘SO BAD,’ and #STAYC continued to be at the top of the portal site’s real-time search ranking.

Since then, the clip views of music programs starring STAYC have been higher every time, including 130,000 views of ‘Music Bank,’ showing a more prominent presence than any other rookie group.

STAYC, who announced the birth of a new K-pop group, will continue promoting actively with its title track ‘SO BAD.’

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