The characteristics of this single album is that it tries to express with music the subtlety that is difficult to express verbally, like feelings and emotions, sadness and warmth, classical and refined, typical and non-typical, and such contradictory things just like the group’s name, Sairo(415).

It is hoped that the common but strangely different luxury will be persuasive with Sairo(415)’s music that will continue to be released in the future. 

The title song, ‘Remember’, was written and composed by Sairo(415), and ‘Jukjae’, who is well known as an artist of artists, participated in the acoustic guitar and ‘Nile Lee’, who did OST, film scoring and IU albums’ string arrangement, has participated in and made it a more warm and emotional.  


1RememberLyrics by 415(Sairo) | Composed by 415(Sairo), Will.B | Arranged by Will.B04:16