‘The representative TEENFRESH of the 4th generation’ STAYC, the first concept photo of ‘Teddy Bear’ reveals! Full of lovely X kitsch mood

2023 02 07

The group STAYC released their first individual concept photo.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon and J) released their individual concept photos of their new single ‘Teddy Bear’ on their official SNS on the 6th.

The concept photos are the FUN version and TOGETHER version, with two images of each member being released, capturing the colorful charm of STAYC.

First, the TOGETHER version contains STAYC’s unique kitsch atmosphere. STAYC showed various personalities in the background of colorful colors and cute props reminiscent of Teddy Bear. In particular, J attempted a different transformation with a long hairstyle, and Seeun and Yoon also showed lovely yet chic charms.

On the other hand, in the FUN version, a giant Teddy Bear caught the eye with witty elements in harmony with STAYC. STAYC gave off an intense and confident mood with hot pink costumes and raised expectations for the new album by revealing STAYC’s unique TEENFRESHNESS under the mysterious neon-colored light.

The title song ‘Teddy Bear,’ which has the same name as the album, is a song that contains positive messages that give hope and comfort like a reliable Teddy Bear who has become people’s own hero. STAYC has recently released a teaser for the music video of ‘Teddy Bear’ and has continued to respond enthusiastically by clearly proving STAYC’s unique color and personality.

Previously, STAYC pre-released the Korean version of ‘Poppy,’ the side track of ‘Teddy Bear’ and their Japanese debut song, raising global fans’ interest on their comeback on the 14th. STAYC is expected to show its strong presence once again with upgraded music capabilities and appearance along with their unique concept.

The new single ‘Teddy Bear,’ which contains STAYC’s own color, will be released on various online music websites at 6 pm on the 14th.

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