‘Valentine’s Day comeback on the 14th’ STAYC unveils scheduler for the fourth single ‘Teddy Bear’… Officially starting their comeback promotion!

2023 02 02

The group, STAYC, adds to the heat of comeback with various contents.

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) released the promotional scheduler image of their fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear’ on their official SNS on the 1st.

According to the released scheduler, STAYC will begin a full-dress comeback promotion on the 3rd, starting with the pre-release of the Korean version of the Japanese debut single title song ‘Poppy.’ The music video teaser will be released on the 5th, and individual, unit, and group concept photos will be additionally revealed from the 6th to the 9th.

It will then open various contents sequentially by the 14th, the release date of the performance preview video through the global short video platform TikTok, raising expectations for the album.

In particular, fans are getting more curious about another charm that STAYC will show through this album, while its kitsch mood design and teddy bear image are attracting fans’ attention.

‘Teddy Bear’ is the first new album released by STAYC in about seven months, and will be an album that people would get to know STAYC’s musical growth and wide music spectrum. STAYC, releasing hits for every album with their solid singing ability and colorful tone, plans to prove their global presence again this time.

Since their debut in November 2020, STAYC has attracted attention as a representative 4th generation K-pop girl group with several hit songs such as ‘ASAP’ and ‘Stereotype.’ STAYC has been giving high-quality stage performances and bubbly charm since their debut, and they have previously announced their comeback by releasing new song reaction videos and collage images containing unique charms from children of various nationalities.

Meanwhile, STAYC’s fourth single album ‘Teddy Bear’ will be released on various online music websites on the 14th.

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