‘Comeback D-1’ STAYC, new single ‘WE NEED LOVE’! Keywords for this time #All_members_mainvoal #Lachika #Musical_growth

2022 07 18

STAYC is making a comeback with a new album.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) will release their third single album ‘WE NEED LOVE’ at 6 p.m. on the 19th. STAYC, which has released hit songs on each album and has continued to record career high, is raising expectations by showing a musical and visual improvement in the new album.

# Evolved STAYC, ‘All memers – main vocal groups’

STAYC will show strong growth in this album which all members go beyond the limits of their voices. STAYC made a total of four tracks, including the title track ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’, ‘I LIKE IT’, ‘LOVE’ and ‘RUN2U’ (TAK Remix), with the colorful voice colors of each of the six members.

In particular, STAYC dramatically expresses ‘fear’, ‘courage’, and ‘hope’ about love through the entire track, delivering the message ‘we need love’. The title track ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’ is about the fear behind love, expressed in STAYC’s appealing voice, and also they will express deeper and more delicate emotions.

# STAYC X La Chica, successful first choreography! Amazing Collaboration

The performance of STAYC’s title track ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’ is known to be produced by the dance team LaChica led by Gabi, andnd as a result, K-POP fans are paying keen attention.

STAYC, who has been loved for their lovely point moves that match the mood of the each songs, such as ‘Cat Kneading Dance’, ‘A-Thing Dance’, and ‘Hesitation Dance’, and La Chica, who has created an impressive career by producing choreography of popular K-pop artists, will present an amazing collaboration.

STAYC will show another intense point-choreography as a signature dance by shaping ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’ with La Chica’s choreography. STAYC is expected to make global fans by completing the beautiful performances with all member’s unique charm and energy.

# Out of Teen Fresh, musical growth! STAYC X Black Eyed Pilseung Top-tier Change!

Earlier, STAYC drew attention by releasing a commentary video clip of ‘WE NEED LOVE’ with High-up Entertainment’s representative producer Black Eyed Pilseung, Rado. At the time, Rado said, “I’ve emphasized the Teen Fresh concept a lot so far, however this time, I want to be an album that breaks it.” He adding, “The atmosphere of the music and content have been changed. It’s been concise and simple.” He explained the concept of the new song. “It’s like a hippie.”

The teaser for the music video of ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’, which was released on the 17th, also showed free-spirited and mysterious sounds and STAYC’s unique visuals, announcing a different change than before. As Black Eyed Pilseung, who knows STAYC best, and the best staff members such as the hitmaker Jeon Gun and FLYT once again joined forces, it makes us look forward to the birth of the the new genre that contains STAYC’s new musical colors and energy.

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