“The birth of the 2nd ‘ASAP’?” STAYC, the reason why people are so happy to see the evolved TEENFRESH

2023 02 13

The group STAYC has announced their comeback on the 14th after about 7 months with their 4th single album ‘Teddy Bear’. The title of the album is clearly stating that STAYC will be presenting an advanced ‘TEENFRESH’ concept with their unique energetic and adorable mood.

The title song ‘Teddy Bear’ is a pop punk genre song which is filled with a positive message and gives hope and comfort, just like a teddy bear that stood by me when I was young and became my own hero. Black Eyed Pilseung has again worked on the song, and found the most suitable color for STAYC.

STAYC has been receiving a lot of love for their songs targeting not only their own fandom but also the popularity by working with Black Eyed Pilseung, the ‘hit maker’. Starting with their debut song ‘So Bad’, ‘ASAP’, ‘STEREOTYPE”, “RUN2U” and others have settled at the top of the music charts in the country, taking an unusual step for a new girl group from a small agency. The representative song ‘ASAP’, which is called the essence of STAYC’s own TEENFRESH charm, showed their potential by being ranked 30th on the Melon annual chart in 2021.

‘Teddy Bear’ also provokes a great expectation for another hit with the upgraded musical performance while maintaining STAYC’s unique TEENFRESH texture. In the music video teaser released on the 12th, it is receiving enthusiastic responses by hinting a bright, upbeat and addictive song using a teddy bear.

Black Eyed Pilseung’s confidence is also exceptional. Regarding “Teddy Bear”, Black Eyed Pilseung stated, “We can proudly say that it is a song that has established their own solid color and identity among 4th generation girl groups.” An official from the agency had stated on the differentiation, saying “If STAYC has left a strong impression with their unique style, we tried to highlight the members’ outstanding visuals as much as possible.”

STAYC has hinted that the upcoming album will feature their unique color through ‘Teddy Bear’ which upsurges the expectation. As the comeback is one day ahead, a keen attention is paid to whether STAYC, who announced their return with an upgraded concept, visual, and musical performance, will be able to catch both the fandom and popularity once again.

STAYC’s fourth single album will be released at 6 on 14th.

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