STAYC’s ‘RUN2U’ won top place on ‘M Countdown’ and got 7th trophies on music show! “Thank you for winning 1st place for 2 weeks in a row.”

2022 03 17

STAYC presented a great performance as the No. 1 artist.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) topped the Mnet music show ‘M Countdown’, which aired on the 17th, once again with the title track ‘RUN2U’ of their second mini album, ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’.

After it was announced as No.1, Sumin said “Thank you for giving us first place for two consecutive weeks. I am grateful to the fans, and I am grateful to the staffs of the agency and the parents of the members. Thank you for staying with us. This album’s promotion is coming to an end. Please continue to love ‘RUN2U’.” Yoon and Sieun also said, “I love you.”

STAYC, who presented the performance earlier, sang with attractive visuals that convinced the modifiers such as ‘All members-Center’ and ‘All members-Top tier’. STAYC’s lovely energy was enough to capture the hearts of viewers.

STAYC composed the performance with a various and attractive choreography, including a strongly addictive point dance ‘Hesitance Dance’, a gun loading dance, and a chest tapping dance, and completed the performance more specially with skillful singing and attractive facial expression.

‘Run2U’ is a song that honestly expresses the feeling of running towards you without fear if it is for love, no matter what others say. On this day, STAYC ranked first for the seventh time in music shows, and it has continued to rise by ranking TOP 10 on Melon’s real-time, daily, and weekly charts.

STAYC will continue to show various activities and contents.

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