STAYC were the only Korean artists to be chosen by Apple Music and Shazam for the 2022 Five Notable Artists

2022 01 06

STAYC were the only Korean artist to be selected as one of the top five notable artists in 2022 by Apple Music and Shazam.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, J) has recently been named ‘the 2022 Five Notable Artists’ selected by global music platform Apple Music and Music Discovery app Shazam.

STAYC’s ‘ASAP’ from their second single album ‘STAYDOM’ released in April 2021 has been at the top of the Korean Shazam chart since its release, and thanks to this rise, STAYC were the only Korean singer to be selected as the ‘the five notable artists in 2022’.

STAYC said, “Thanks to many people’s interest and love in our music, we think we were selected as ‘the 2022 Five Notable Artists’. Thank you to everyone who loves STAYC, and we will deliver our positive energy with better music and influential activities in the future.”

Ayra Starr, Sad Night Dynamite, Danny Lux, and Lyn Lapid were selected along with STAYC for the 2022 Five Notable Artists.

Meanwhile, STAYC established themselves as ‘a leading 4th generation idol group’ last year with their hit song to ‘ASAP’, followed by another popular release, ‘STEREOTYPE’. Thanks to their brilliant achievements, they won six awards at the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards, the 2021 The Fact Music Awards Next Leader, the 2021 Asian Artist Awards New Wave Award, the 2021 Melon Music Awards 1theK Original Content Award, the Korea Culture Entertainment Awards, and the 2021 Asian Model Awards.

STAYC plans to communicate with fans in 2022 by giving off their own unique ‘Teen Fresh’ charms by various activities in 2022.