STAYC, winning 1st place at ‘SHOW CHAMPION’ with ‘Teddy Bear’ → Won 5 awards in music shows! Top 3 on Melon Chart as well

2023 03 09

The group STAYC won the 1st place trophy of ‘SHOW CHAMPION.’

STAYC(Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) got to 1st place at MBC M ‘SHOW CHAMPION,’ which aired on the afternoon of the 8th, with their title song ‘Teddy Bear,’ which has the same name as the fourth single album.

On this day, STAYC filled the stage with fresh and lively STAYC’s unique TEENFRESH energy, and completed the stage that cannot be taken off the eyes with kitsch styling, lovely appearances, and addictive performances. In particular, the point choreography ‘bear dance’ that further highlights the mood of the song added addiction.

STAYC swept the top spot on SBS MTV ‘THE SHOW,’ KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank,’ SBS ‘Inkigayo’ as well as ‘SHOW CHAMPION,’ winning 5 awards with ‘Teddy Bear.’

The title song of STAYC’s fourth single album, ‘Teddy Bear,’ is a pop punk genre song armed with STAYC’s own fresh energy, and contains a message of hope and comfort like a reliable teddy bear which became people’s hero.

Immediately after its release, ‘Teddy Bear’ is captivating fans by ranking at the top of major music charts, including 3rd place on Melon TOP100, a representative music platform in Korea.

It also broke their own record by recording more than 341,047 initial album sales, and its music video has been maintained as ‘the 4th generation representative TEENFRESH’ by steadily proving their global popularity by achieving 10 million views in a day.

Meanwhile, STAYC is meeting with fans through various contents and music broadcasts by ‘Teddy Bear,’ and will release their second single album ‘Teddy Bear’ in Japan in April.

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